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This penetrating massage helps to relieve muscular pain due to stress, injury, overuse of muscles and preserves calcium in the sarcoplasmic reticulum (smooth muscle). The technique is aimed at myocin  and actin for relaxing tight muscles and increasing range of motion. This treatment is recommended for those who desire deep pressure throughout the entire massage. $105 per/hr $150 1.5hr


The most common style of massage, Swedish massage is mainly used to relax tense muscles and create a sense of well-being. This massage treatment is best applied to individuals who are not suffering from pain but who prefer lighter pressure at a consistent flow throughout the massage. $85 per/hr $130 1.5hr


This massage is designed for anyone that fatigues their muscle through exercise. The techniques that are used are effective in eliminating build up of lactic acid that occurs from a difficult workout. This is an excellent treatment before or after any athletic activity from aerobic to golf. Each session is customized to meet your specific athletic level. $85 per/hr $120 1.5hr


This service provides an in-office spa day your way!  Choose from the following:
- All day chair massage for everyone in the office with mini-mani or mini-pedi upgrages $150 OR
- All day floss and gloss manicure and or hydrating pedicures with upgrades of master desk shoulder and neck massage OR chair massage.  FREE Callus remover with this service. $150  NATURAL NAIL CARE USES.  


The treatment is based on the theory that each body part is represented by a corresponding reflex joint in the hand or feet. A deep pressure massage is applied to specific points to relieve stress, create a sense of well being and release tension throughout the entire body. This is a great addition to any 1 hour massage treatment. 30 minutes $40


Hot stone massage is a form of deep tissue. These stones make it easy to relax and soften tissue. When you think of hot stone, you definitely have a therapist in mind. Hot Stones work well for separating muscles and are wonderful for working deep. $120 1 hour $150 1.5 hour 


Learn more on relaxation from the power of touch and how couples develop "that perfect touch" in "that right spot" similar to a holistic health practioner and massage therapist.  Couples practice on each other.  $325.  Individual sessions available $150.  additional $25 if we provide model.

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